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  • Unlimited Tidal Fish License (UTFL)

    Distributed by Department of Natural Resources

    Allows the holder to commercially fish for most crabs, oysters, clams, conch, turtles, lobster, and most finfish, in addition to guiding fishing parties in the state of Maryland. 

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    • N/A
    • $300.00
  • Vehicle Plates for Transporters and Finance Companies

    Distributed by Maryland Department of Transportation

    Interchangeable plates vehicles being delivered, transported, transported by an insurance company, licensed auctioneer, transporting new or used mobile or modular homes, used by a licensed state inspection station or a Finance Company.

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    • approval
    • $125.00
  • Veterinary Hospital License

    Distributed by Department of Agriculture

    This Maryland license is required for all veterinary hospitals, including mobile hospitals and limited use facilities.

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    • - approval
    • $150.00
  • Water Appropriation and Use Permit

    Distributed by Maryland Department of Environment

    In order to conserve, protect, and use water resources of the State in the best interests of the people of Maryland, it is necessary to control the appropriation or use of surface and underground waters. This permit is required for any activity that withdraws water from the State's surface and/ or underground waters unless exempted below. 

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  • Waterway and 100-Year Floodplain (Non-Tidal Wetlands and Waterway Permit)

    Distributed by Maryland Department of Environment

    Waterway construction regulations assure that activities in a waterway or its floodplain do not create flooding on upstream or downstream property, maintain fish habitat and migration, and protect waterways from erosion. Authorization is required for construction or repair of the following projects in a waterway or a 100-year floodplain: Dams and reservoirs, bridges and culverts, excavation, filling or construction, channelization, changing the course, current or cross-section of any stream, temporary construction (e.g. utility lines) or any other similar project. Ponds and dams require a separate review.

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    • $500.00