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OneStop Phishing Alert

We recently received reports of phishing attempts that mimic OneStop emails. Anyone receiving an email from OneStop should proceed with caution and take proactive steps to verify the legitimacy of the communication. If you are not sure if an email is legitimate, you can also Forward the email to us at to have the MD-SOC review.

What is Phishing?

  • Phishing is a scam typically carried out through unsolicited email and/or websites that pose as legitimate sites and lure unsuspecting victims to provide personal and financial information.
  • Signs of a Phishing Email:
    • Unexpected communication
    • Misspelled words or suspicious variations in the sender's email address.
    • Urgent or threatening language.
    • Use generic greetings like "Dear User" instead of your name.
    • Request sensitive information or credentials
    • Contains encrypted attachments

What to do if you receive a suspicious unsolicited email appearing to be from a Government Official or Agency:

  1. Do not reply.
  2. Do not open any attachments. They may contain malicious code that could infect your computer or mobile phone.
  3. Do not click on any links.
  4. Never provide any sensitive information or follow instructions contained within a suspicious email.
  5. You can also Forward the email to us at for a review by the MD-SOC.
  6. Delete the original email.
    1. If you've experienced any monetary losses due to a phishing incident, please file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) through their Complaint Assistant to make the information available to investigators.