Well Construction Permit Details

Well Construction Permit

General Info - Statewide Permit

A well construction permit is required for any well that is constructed in the state of Maryland and before installing any well that will explore for water, obtain or monitor ground water, or inject water into any underground formation from which ground water may be produced.

To ensure a clean and adequate supply of underground drinking water, the state carries out programs to prevent contamination of aquifers from improper well construction and well abandonment.  The well construction permit is obtained by the well driller from the local health department.  

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Obtaining the Permit

Ready to get your permit? - Steps, Requirements, and Documents

  1. The site must be inspected before the permit is issued.

  2. Public water supplies must be inspected by MDE; non-public wells are inspected by the local authorities.

  3. Contact the county health department for the application process.

Apply for the Permit

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Permit Issuer - Information

Who issues the permit?

Maryland Department of Environment mde.maryland.gov

Contact Information

Barry Glotfelty

Email: Barry.Glotfelty@maryland.gov

Tel: (410) 537-3784

Legal Authority

What laws and regulations give Maryland Department of Environment the legal authority to issue this approval?