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Trapper Education Certification

General Info - Statewide Certification

Effective August 1, 2007 any person who is trapping or attempting to trap furbearers (muskrat, beaver, raccoon, red and gray fox, opossum, mink, skunk, river otter, fisher, long-tailed weasel, and coyote) under the authority of a Furbearer Permit must first obtain a Certificate of Trapper Education from the Department of Natural Resources of the state of Maryland unless the person held a Furbearer Permit during the 2006-2007 trapping season (prior to August 1, 2007).

Classes are sporadic due to demand, contact Safety Education and Outreach Unit for materials. 410-643-8502 or by email

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Obtaining the Certification

Ready to get your certification? - Steps, Requirements, and Documents

  1. Complete the Maryland Trapper Education Workbook before taking the test.

  2. Pass the test with a score of 70% or higher.

  3. Must have a valid Photo ID.

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Certification Issuer - Information

Who issues the certification?

Department of Natural Resources

Contact Information

Tiffaney Palmatary


Tel: (410) 643-8502 / Fax: (410) 643-1485

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