Tidal Wetland License Details

Tidal Wetland License

General Info - Statewide License

The goal of the tidal wetlands program is to manage tidal wetlands to provide reasonable use while furnishing essential resource protection in the State of Maryland. 

To accomplish this goal, the following activities are regulated by the Department:
• Filling of open water and vegetated wetlands
• Construction of piers and associated structures
• Construction of shore erosion control structures
• Dredging
• Marsh establishment (living shoreline) 

Tidal wetlands, which fringe many of the shorelines of the Chesapeake Bay and its tidal tributaries, as well as the Coastal Bays, include marshes, shrub swamps, forested wetlands, submerged aquatic vegetation and open waters. Each type of wetland plays a vital role in the health of the Chesapeake and Coastal Bay estuaries. Roles of tidal wetlands include fish and wildlife habitat, water quality enhancement, natural shoreline protection, flood protection, recreational opportunities, and aesthetics.

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Obtaining the License

Ready to get your license? - Steps, Requirements, and Documents

  1. Complete a "Joint Federal/State Application for the Alteration of any Floodplain, Waterway, Tidal or Nontidal Wetland in Maryland" application.

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License Issuer - Information

Who issues the license?

Maryland Department of Environment

Contact Information

Andrew May

Email: Andrew.May@maryland.gov

Tel: (410) 537-3522

Legal Authority

What laws and regulations give Maryland Department of Environment the legal authority to issue this approval?