Natural Wood Waste Recycling Facility Permit Details

Natural Wood Waste Recycling Facility Permit

General Info - Statewide Permit

Maryland permit which assures the proper management and recycling of natural wood wastes such as tree stumps, brush and limbs, root mats, logs, leaves, grass clippings, unadulterated wood wastes, and other natural vegetative materials that are generated when land is cleared for construction purposes. The permit is required for those persons who construct and operate natural wood waste recycling facilities in the State of Maryland.

 A natural wood waste recycling facility DOES NOT include a collection or processing facility operated by a nonprofit or governmental organization located in the State, or single individual or business that provides recycling services solely for its employees or for its own recyclable materials generated on its own premises. Since the conditions required for several types of natural wood waste recycling facilities are similar regardless of location, and have been regulated by almost identical permit provisions, the Department developed a general permit for these similar activities. This general permit authorizes operation of certain types of natural wood waste recycling activities within the State of Maryland. The general permit contains conditions and parameters applicable to the several similar natural wood waste recycling facilities covered under the general permit. The Department may exclude a particular facility from coverage under the general permit and require the applicant to submit a separate application for an individual Natural Wood Waste Recycling Permit pursuant to COMAR 

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Obtaining the Permit

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Permit Issuer - Information

Who issues the permit?

Maryland Department of Environment

Contact Information

Kaveh Hossienzadeh


Tel: (410) 537-3375

Legal Authority

What laws and regulations give Maryland Department of Environment the legal authority to issue this approval?

STATE: Environment Article - §9-1701 and §9-1708; COMAR 26.04.09.