Locksmith License Details

Locksmith License

General Info - Statewide License

Maryland License for Locksmith Business.

Allows a business to provide locksmith services including:

(1)  repairing, rebuilding, rekeying, repinning, recombinating, adjusting, or installing mechanical, electrical, or electromechanical locking devices, safes, vaults, or safe deposit boxes; or

(2) operating a mechanical, electrical, or electromechanical locking device or opening safes, vaults, or safe deposit boxes by a means other than that intended by the manufacturer of such locking devices.

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    Approval time

  • $225.00

    Application cost

Obtaining the License

Ready to get your license? - Steps, Requirements, and Documents

  1. Must be 18 years of age;

  2. Pass criminal background check.

  3. Be in good standing with the Maryland Department of Assessment and Taxation.

  4. Report any addresses from which you conducted business during the prior 36 months if different from the fixed business address under which this application is being filed.

  5. Apply to CJIS for federal and state criminal history records check.

  6. For corporations provide copy of articles of incorporation and obtain Certificate of Good Standing from the Maryland State Department of Assessments and Taxation office.

  7. If you are trading as any name other than your legal name, i.e. “John Q. Public Locksmith,” please include a copy of your Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation Trade Name Registration.

  8. File report of employee and receive approval for each employee who provides locksmith services on behalf of your company. Each employee must complete a background check and obtain fingerprint cards.

  9. Attach to a Passport sized photo tp the back of the application.

  10. Certificate of Insurance showing general liability in an amount of at least $300,000.

Apply for the License

Maintaining Your License

Renewal and maintenance -

Maintaining your License (aka Related forms/requirements to maintain License/stay in good standing)

  1. Complete renewal application.

  2. Pay renewal fee.


License Issuer - Information

Who issues the license?

Department of Labor, Licensing & Regulation dllr.maryland.gov

Contact Information

Sean Heeter

Email: sean.heeter@maryland.gov

Tel: (410) 230-6196 / Fax: (410) 244-0977

Work hours:


Why the License is required?

The purpose of this title is to safeguard the life, health, and property of the residents of Maryland to promote their welfare by licensing, regulating and disciplining persons that provide locksmith services.

Legal Authority

What laws and regulations give Department of Labor, Licensing & Regulation the legal authority to issue this approval?