Lead Paint Training And Instructor Details

Lead Paint Training And Instructor

General Info - Statewide Certification

Providers of training for persons involved in the abatement of lead paint must employ instructors and conduct training courses that are accredited by the Department.

Training courses for workers, supervisors, inspectors, and risk assessors who provide lead paint abatement services or are involved with lead paint abatement in Maryland are designed to instruct those individuals of the potential toxic effects of exposure to lead and to provide methods to protect workers and sensitive populations from exposure to lead during abatement activities.

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Obtaining the Certification

Ready to get your certification? - Steps, Requirements, and Documents

  1. Requirements for both Lead Paint Instructors and Lead Paint Training Courses can be found here.

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Certification Issuer - Information

Who issues the certification?

Maryland Department of Environment

Contact Information

Lead Accreditation and Oversight Division

Tel: (410) 537-3825

Legal Authority

What laws and regulations give Maryland Department of Environment the legal authority to issue this approval?