General Info - Statewide Registration

Register a new employee and to request an I.D. card.

Training is at the licensee or permit holder discretion. However, according to Comar each employee providing pest control service must be registered with us within 30 days of employment. Has to be affiliated with a business or agency that is currently in compliance. Must include proper permit number in documents. No refunds and no fee required for reprint for I.D. card. $30 fee for each employee. Full Social Security is recommended for proper identification purposes required for the business and certification processes. Businesses need a certificate applicator on staff. I.D. the picture must be in color with a headshot. No prorations are given. No fees for I.D. cards for public agencies, applicators,  and replacement cards. I.D. card expiration follows the business/agency expiration or termination of an employee.

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Obtaining the Registration

Ready to get your registration? - Steps, Requirements, and Documents

  1. Type or print LEGIBLY: business or agency name, permit number, address, and telephone number.

  2. Identify number of employees and the amount of fees submitted (Feel free to contact us for fee amount).

  3. Signature of Signature of Licensee or Permit Holder required.

  4. Include a 1 inch by 1 inch color photo of each employee with the employee name printed on the back. Please list the certificate number only if the employee is currently certified. NOTE: AN ID CARD CANNOT BE ISSUED UNLESS A PHOTO ACCOMPANIES THE REQUEST. Make sure to label the photo with the persons full name.

  5. Indicate if this is a new ID card or a replacement.

    1. Type or print LEGIBLY: each employee’s name, social security number, Driver’s License Number & State, Date of Employment, Certificate Number if Currently Certified, and Date Training Program was completed.

  6. After we received your documents, Pesticide Regulation will be in contact for any additional required documents, fees, signatures, and any other supporting documents.

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Registration Issuer - Information

Who issues the registration?

Contact Information

Pesticide Regulation Section

Email: pest.reg@maryland.gov

Tel: (410) 841-5710

Work hours: