Elevator Renovator Mechanic License Details

Elevator Renovator Mechanic License

General Info - Statewide License

This license, as issued by the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing & Regulation, allows an individual to work on the interior of an elevator involving the removal or installation of the nonstructural surface of the elevator’s wall, ceiling, floor, rail, or handle as long as the work does not affect the elevator’s moving operation.

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    Approval time

  • $175.00

    Application cost

Obtaining the License

Ready to get your license? - Steps, Requirements, and Documents

  1. You have applied on or before April 1, 2014 and demonstrate to the Board a minimum of 3 years of experience engaged in elevator renovation acceptable to the Board; or

  2. You have applied after April 1, 2014 and demonstrate to the Board an acceptable combination of experience and education; and pass an exam approved by the Board.

  3. Copy of completion of approved apprenticeship and training council program.

  4. Employment verification form and copy of W-2 forms.

Apply for the License

Ready to apply?

Maintaining Your License

Renewal and maintenance -

Maintaining your License (aka Related forms/requirements to maintain License/stay in good standing)

  1. Complete renewal application and pay $25 application fee.

  2. Pay renewal fee of $200.

  3. Completion of at least 8 hours of continuing professional competency prior to submitting renewal application. Continuing professional competency providers can be found here.


License Issuer - Information

Who issues the license?

Department of Labor, Licensing & Regulation dllr.maryland.gov

Contact Information

Sean Heeter

Email: sean.heeter@maryland.gov

Tel: (410) 230-6196 / Fax: (410) 244-0977

Work hours:


Why the License is required?

The Maryland Elevator Safety Review Board licenses and regulates individuals who engage in the business of erecting, constructing, wiring, altering, replacing, maintaining, repairing, dismantling, or servicing elevators, dumbwaiters, escalators, and moving walks. The Board investigates complaints against licensees as well as complaints related to unlicensed practice. The Board may issue a reprimand, suspend or revoke a license and/or assess a civil penalty up to $5,000 for violations of the law and regulations.

Legal Authority

What laws and regulations give Department of Labor, Licensing & Regulation the legal authority to issue this approval?

Public Safety Article, Title 12, Subtitle 8, Part III, Annotated Code of Maryland, Title 9, Subtitle 35, Code of Maryland Regulations Title 09.35