Dealer's Permit to Sell Restricted Use Pesticides Details

Dealer's Permit to Sell Restricted Use Pesticides

General Info - Statewide License

APPLICATION FOR A PERMIT TO SELL OR TRANSFER RESTRICTED USE PESTICIDES UNDER THE MARYLAND PESTICIDE APPLICATORS LAW. This is a permit to sell or transfer restricted use pesticides in the state of Maryland in accordance with the provisions of Agricultural Article, Section 5-201 through 5-211 Annotated Code of Maryland.

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    Approval time

  • $25.00

    Application cost

  • Average completion time

Obtaining the License

Ready to get your license? - Steps, Requirements, and Documents

  1. Include contact person, business name, business address, telephone number, and email address.

  2. Include business physical address (Actual Business Location If different from address from step 1)

  3. Must have signature, title, and date from the contact person under the statement “I certify that I understand my legal responsibilities for the sale and/or transfer of restricted use pesticides and that I will only sell restricted use pesticides to individuals who possess a valid pesticide applicator certificate or their authorized representative.”

  4. Check off APPROPRIATE AREA(S) OF SALES listed in the document.

  5. Fee is required during submission ($25.00)

  6. Renewal is required every year.

  7. Permit is generated and sent out.

Apply for the License


License Issuer - Information

Who issues the license?

Department of Agriculture

Contact Information

Pesticide Regulation Section


Tel: (410) 841-5710

Work hours: