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A pest control consultant license and certificate are required if a person is engaged in the business of offering or supplying technical advice or supervision, inspecting for or identifying pests, or recommending the use of specific pesticides for the purpose of controlling pests. The requirements and procedures for obtaining and maintaining a pest consultant business license and certificate are the same as that for a pesticide business license and pest control applicators certificate, except for the following differences: 

(1) The licensing and certification period runs from January 1 through December 31 of each year; 

(2) There are no insurance requirements for maintaining a consultant license; 

(3) A pest control consultant will be certified in Category 12 - Consulting, Note - Certification in this category is based on experience, or education, and passing the certification examinations in those categories of pest control that consulting services will be offered; 

(4) The annual pest control consultant license fee is $150 and the pest control consultant certificate fee is $75.Those individuals certified as Consultants are required to attend recertification training each year between January 1 and December 31 in order to renew their certificate. The recertification training requirements will be based off of the categories of pest control that were originally taken for certification and in which consulting services are being offered.

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Obtaining the License

Ready to get your license? - Steps, Requirements, and Documents

  1. Complete business name and address that will appear on the license. Include telephone number and email.

  2. List physical address only if different from address stated in step 1.

  3. State any partnerships or associations with complete addresses.

  4. State any dates of incorporations.

  5. List all certified consultants.

  6. If you have any judgments against you arising out of the application or recommendation of pesticides. Please attached on separate sheet.

  7. List the names of all scouts or other personnel involved with consulting that are employed by your company and submit a one inch by one inch photo of each employee. (Attach additional sheet if necessary.)

  8. If you employ one or more persons you are required by law to carry Workmen's Compensation Insurance. You must file with this Department a certificate of compliance with the State Workmen's Compensation Laws or you may provide your Workmen's Compensation policy number or binder number as evidence of coverage.

  9. If a non-resident of Maryland, appoint a resident of Maryland to be a process agent to accept service of notice or process arising in any court from any action, criminal or civil, resulting from your operations in the state of Maryland. If you do not have an individual that can be appointed to serve as a resident agent, list the Maryland Office of the Attorney General.

  10. Sign, add title , and date the document.

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