Barbershop Owner License Details

Barbershop Owner License

General Info - Statewide License

Two year license that grants permission to operate a Barbershop in the state of Maryland.

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    Approval time

  • $200.00

    Application cost

Obtaining the License

Ready to get your license? - Steps, Requirements, and Documents

  1. All barbershop applicants must provide evidence of the business' Good Standing status with the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation (SDAT). Evidence may be provided by printing a results screen from SDAT's Charter Record Search database. Once the business entity is located through the search, click on the "General Info" link. Print that window, and send it to the Board. There is no fee due to SDAT for printing the window.

  2. A Use and Occupancy permit must be obtained from the local zoning board prior to completing this application. Your application will not be processed without the Use and Occupancy permit. The Use and Occupancy Permit must be sent to the Board of Barbers within 10 days of submitting your application.

  3. The Board will conduct an inspection of the salon prior to issuing a permit.

Apply for the License

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Maintaining Your License

Renewal and maintenance -

Maintaining your License (aka Related forms/requirements to maintain License/stay in good standing)

  1. Complete renewal application.

  2. Pay renewal fee.


License Issuer - Information

Who issues the license?

Department of Labor, Licensing & Regulation

Contact Information

Board Administrator


Tel: (410) 230-6190

Work hours:


Why the License is required?

The Maryland Board of Barbers qualifies and licenses individuals seeking licensure and issues permits to business entities through which the trade of barbering is practiced. The Board also establishes health and safety standards for the operation of barbershops and trade schools. 

Legal Authority

What laws and regulations give Department of Labor, Licensing & Regulation the legal authority to issue this approval?