Alcohol and Drug Trainee Details

Alcohol and Drug Trainee

General Info - Statewide Registration

Alcohol and Drug Trainee Authorization, as issued by the Maryland Department of Health, allows a trainee to complete the experiential or course of study requirements for state certification/licensure for a short period of time while being supervised.

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    Approval time

  • $150.00

    Application cost

Obtaining the Registration

Ready to get your registration? - Steps, Requirements, and Documents

  1. Complete and submit the Pre-Application Credential Evaluation form and include a copy of the receipt from your criminal history background check.

Apply for the Registration

Maintaining Your Registration

Renewal and maintenance -

Maintaining your Registration (aka Related forms/requirements to maintain Registration/stay in good standing)

  1. To renew trainee status, the trainee shall:

    (1) Complete a renewal application;

    (2) Provide documentation of progress toward meeting the required education and supervised experience for the appropriate level of certification/licensure;

    (3) Pay the renewal fee set forth by the Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists.


Registration Issuer - Information

Who issues the registration?

Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

Contact Information

Tawana Brown


Tel: (410) 764-4732 / Fax: (410) 358-1610

Work hours:


Why the Registration is required?

To allow an applicant to complete experiential or course of study requirements for In-State Alcohol and Drug certification or licensure for a limited period while under the supervision of an approved Alcohol and Drug Supervisor.