State Tax Sale Ombudsman - Homeowner Protection Program Details

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State Tax Sale Ombudsman - Homeowner Protection Program

If you are a homeowner in tax sale, you may qualify for the Homeowner Protection Program, a loan program that could remove you from the tax sale process for three years, connect you with resources and support, and help you keep your home.

To be eligible for the program:

1. The applicant's home must be in tax sale or at risk of tax sale; 

2. The dwelling must be the applicant's principal residence;

3. Its current assessed value must not exceed $300,000. Click here to find your home's current assessment;

4. The homeowner(s)’ combined household income must not exceed $60,000 annually; and 

5. The total value of their assets must not exceed $200,000, not including the value of the dwelling.

Priority Enrollment 

Priority enrollment is given to homeowners:

- Aged 60 years or older; 

- Currently receiving disability benefits from the federal Social Security Disability Insurance program or the federal Supplemental Security Income program; or

- Whose dwelling has been their principal residence for 10 years or more.

The State Tax Sale Ombudsman's Office reserves the right to impose additional eligibility criteria for the enrollment in the program. 

An application may be subjected to an audit at any time and THE applicant may be requested to submit additional verification or other evidence of income to substantiate the application for the program enrollment. 

Limited enrollment - Enrollment in the Homeowner Protection Program is limited, and eligibility does not guarantee enrollment. 

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  1. Please fill out the application completely and attach supporting documentation where requested.

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What Happens After Submission

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  1. Your application will be reviewed as quickly as possible. We will contact you by phone or email if there is something missing from your application. If your application is selected, someone from the Ombudsman's Office will contact you to discuss your enrollment terms, including your monthly repayment amount, and the other terms of the enrollment agreement.

  2. Enrollment is limited. Eligibility does not guarantee enrollment. If you are not offered enrollment, please contact the State Tax Sale Ombudsman's Office for help with your taxes.


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