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SOS Charities Public Complaint Form

If you are concerned about a charitable organization that may be violating solicitation law in the State of Maryland, you can report them to the Secretary of State.


In order to file a complaint, please complete this complaint form. Include a written summary of the problem along with any supporting documentation that you may have.

If you were solicited by phone or in-person, a summary of the interaction between you and the person requesting the donation is needed.

If you received a written solicitation, please send a copy of it to our office when making the complaint.

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  1. Log into OneStop.
  2. Complete the complaint form.
  3. Provide a written summary of the complaint.
  4. Attach any supporting documentation.

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What Happens After Submission

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  1. The Secretary of State’s Office will review the complaint and determine how to proceed. If the organization has questions or needs further information, we will follow up with you at the contact information provided on the complaint form.


Who issues the Form?

Office of the Secretary of State

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Tel: (410) 260-3859 / Fax: (410) 974-5527

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