Seedsman Permit Application Details

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Seedsman Permit Application

Application for Seedsman's Permit

Section 9-204 provides that no person may engage in the business of a wholesale seedsman in the State unless he first obtains a permit. Out-of-state wholesale seedsmen doing business in the State shall obtain a permit in the same manner. Said permit shall be effective for a period of one year, commencing on July 1.

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    Completion Time

  • $100.00

    Application Fee

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  1. Create a Maryland OneStop Account

    If you do not have a Maryland OneStop account click Register in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Enter your first name, last name, email address, and create a password, then click Register.

  2. Verify Your Maryland OneStop Account Email

    Once you have submitted your information to create an account you will receive an email from Click the "Verify Your Email" button in the email.

  3. Complete the Application

    Log in using the email and password you created and click the Apply Online button to submit an application for a Seedsman's Permit.

  4. Application Instructions

    While filling out the Seedsman's Permit application please enter your firm name and contact information as it will appear on the analysis labeling.

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What Happens After Submission

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  1. Applicant Submits Form and Mails Payment

    Seedsman fills in form and mails in payment of $100.

  2. Turf and Seed Reviews Application.

    If any revisions are required, the Turf and Seed office will send comments to the applicant. The seedsman then updates the application and resubmits to Turf and Seed.

  3. The Seedsman is Approved by Turf and Seed.

    A permit is generated for download by the seedsman.


Who issues the Form?

Maryland Department of Agriculture, Turf and Seed

Contact Information

Turf and Seed Section


Tel: (410) 841-5960