Renters' Tax Credit Application Form RTC (2023) Details

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Renters' Tax Credit Application Form RTC (2023)

The State of Maryland provides a direct check payment of up to $1000.00 a year for renters who paid rent in the State of Maryland and who meet certain eligibility requirements.

The deadline for filing an application is October 1, 2023. A properly completed application means that all questions are answered, the form is signed, copies of the entire federal income tax return, schedules and forms, necessary Social Security form (SSA-1099), Railroad Retirement Verification or rate letter are all included and applicant has provided responses to any subsequent inquiries made by the Department in a reasonable timeframe.

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Review the steps - read carefully

  1. A new application must be filed every year if you wish to be considered for a tax credit. Applicant must satisfy all five (5) legal requirements listed below before eligibility can be considered:
  2. Applicant must have a bona fide leasehold interest in the property and be legally responsible for the rent; and
  3. First time applicants, and those who have moved during the previous year, must submit a copy of their lease(s), rental agreement, cancelled checks, money order receipts, or other proof of rent paid. Other applicants must submit a copy upon request; and
  4. The principal residence must be in Maryland and where the applicant resided for at least six (6) months in 2022; and

  5. The dwelling may be any type of rented residence or a mobile home pad on which the residence rests, but it may not include any unit rented from a public housing authority or from an exempt organization; and
  6. Applicant, spouse and/or co-tenant(s) must have a combined net worth of less than $200,000 as of December 31, 2022.

  7. Applicant may later be requested to submit additional information to verify what was reported on the application. This request may include a statement of living expenses when it appears that the applicant has reported insufficient means to pay the rent and other living expenses.

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