MSDE Application for Training Reimbursement Details

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MSDE Application for Training Reimbursement

Training Vouchers and Reimbursement are designed to assist child care professionals participating in the Maryland Child Care Credential Program at Level Two or higher with the costs of training for professional development.

An application for training reimbursement can be submitted for:

  • Approved Core of Knowledge Training
  • Pre-Service training
  • Registration at statewide and national child care conferences.

Child care providers participating in the Credential Program at level two or higher are eligible to receive up to $400 each year as long as funds are available. Requests for training voucher or reimbursement, must not exceed $400.

The following are not eligible for training voucher/reimbursement:

  • Training that has not been approved by MSDE according to COMAR 13A.14.09
  • Fees incurred for training 
  • Association membership fees
  • CDA credential/ CDA renewal fees

An application for training reimbursement must be received not more than 180 days following the date of successful training completion.

  • Approval Time

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    Completion Time

  • $0.00

    Application Fee

Apply or Register

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Review the steps - read carefully

  1. OneStop Platform Instructions

    When setting up your account, please do not enter a temporary email address such as a workplace or college email. MSDE would like permanent addresses for awarding training reimbursements and for all future correspondence from our office.

  2. Application Completion

    Complete all information in the spaces provided. Please note: Your CCATS/Party ID# can be located on the bottom right-hand corner of your credential certificate.

  3. Required Documentation

    All applications must be accompanied by required documentation. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

    The following documents are required to be uploaded and submitted with your training reimbursement application.

    a. Certificate of successful completion, grade slip or transcript. (Documentation must include the name of the participant, the date of training, training title, name of Trainer or organization, and , if applicable, the OCC assigned approval number.)

    b. Receipt of payment indicating the amount paid for the training

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What Happens After Submission

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  1. MSDE will review your application

    Applications can take up to 30 days to process.

  2. MSDE will approve or deny the submitted application.
  3. An incomplete application will be returned to your OneStop account.
  4. Applicants are notified of approval or denial by email and on their OneStop dashboard.
  5. Reimbursement will be issued by the Comptroller of Maryland within 6-8 weeks from approval notice.


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