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Catalog Review

This packet is required for the submission of any new program requests, modifications, program schedules, updating school calendars and/or deletions to your existing DVA WEAMS Program Inventory. All requests for institution and program approval must be submitted to the SAA.

Note: It is your responsibility to ensure all information provided within this document has all current state, industry and/or federal approvals. Your requests will not be processed if we are unable to verify the details of programs.  All requests for institution and program approval must be submitted to the SAA.

Federal regulations mandate all institutions and/or training establishments wishing to enroll Veterans and others eligible beneficiaries to submit two copies of their most recent catalog or bulletin with its application [38 CFR 21.4253(d) and 21.4252(b)].

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  1. This application is only for Institutions of Higher Learning (IHL), and Non-College Degree (NCD) facilities currently approved for Veterans Affairs Education Benefits.

  2. Please complete all parts of the application and upload all required supplemental documentation.

  3. If you have questions about your application submission, please contact us at

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What Happens After Submission

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  1. Your submission will be reviewed by the State Approving Agency staff for a completeness check within 10 days.

  2. If items are determined to be missing, it will be returned to you to submit additional documentation. Note: Failure to submit additional documentation within a reasonable timeframe determined by the SAA may result in your application being discarded.

  3. Once your application has been determined to be complete, it will be assigned to a Veterans Affairs Analyst. The review of applications are completed within 30 calendar days.

  4. It is possible during this 30 calendar day review, you may be contacted for additional information. Note: Additional requests for information may extend the review time of your application outside of 30 calendar days.

  5. Upon a full review of your application, you will receive an approval or denial decision upon which a letter will be sent to you.


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Maryland Higher Education Commission Division of Veterans Affairs and State Approving Agency

Contact Information

Everette Jackson Jr., Associate Director of Veterans Affairs


Tel: (410) 767-3300 / Fax: (410) 332-0270

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