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MHEC Student Complaint Portal

A student may submit a complaint in writing to Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC) when it involves an alleged violation of the Education Article, COMAR, or school policy, but only after the student has first exhausted the complaint/grievance procedures established by the institution. Should the opinion of the student be that the complaint has not been resolved appropriately by the institution, the student may submit the complaint to the Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC).

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Specific types of complaints are handled by different agencies or organizations. A student must submit a complaint to the appropriate agency or organization as described below:

  • A complaint pertaining to occupational licensure requirements is to be submitted to the appropriate licensing board or entity. Licensing board contact information is found in the institution’s catalog.
  • A complaint concerning compliance with the standards of accreditation is to be submitted to the institution's accrediting body. Accrediting body contact information is found in the institution’s catalog.
  • A complaint pertaining to potential violations of consumer protection is to be submitted to:
    Consumer Protection Division Office of the Attorney General
    200 Saint Paul Place 
    Baltimore, Maryland 21202
    Telephone: 410-528-8662. 
    More information is available here.
  • A complaint concerning discrimination is to be submitted to:
    Office for Civil Rights, Philadelphia Office 
    U.S. Department of Education 
    100 Penn Square East, Suite 515 
    Philadelphia, PA 19107-3323 
    Telephone: 215-656-8541.
    More information is available here.

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What Happens After Submission

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  1. MHEC Processing:

    A copy of the student complaint and documents will be provided to the institution. MHEC will require the institution to look into the matter and report back to MHEC within 30 days of receipt of MHEC notification.

  2. Institution Follow Up:

    Any requests by MHEC to the school or the student complainant for information or documents necessary for MHEC to achieve a determination of the complaint must be answered by the school or the student complainant within 10 business days following receipt of MHEC's request.

  3. Additional Follow Up:

    MHEC staff may interview the institution employees, students, or the student complainant as part of its investigation. MHEC may take regulatory action based on its review and in accordance with the Education Article and COMAR Title 13B, and the manner for which the institution is approved to operate.

  4. Response:

    MHEC will inform the student complainant and the institution in writing of its determination(s).


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