Chapter 725 & Chapter 30 Transportation Project Application Details

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Chapter 725 & Chapter 30 Transportation Project Application

Each year, local governments are required to submit their transportation project priorities to the Maryland Department of Transportation to make their projects eligible for State funding.

Chapter 725, Acts of 2010 requires MDOT and the local jurisdictions seeking transportation project funding to demonstrate the relationship between prioritized projects and the long-term goals of the Maryland Transportation Plan, the Climate Action Plan Goals (as outlined in the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan) and local land use plans.

Chapter 30, Acts of 2017 requires MDOT and the local jurisdictions seeking funding for transportation capacity projects exceeding $5 million to submit projects for scoring and ranking across nine goals and 23 measures established in statute using a combination of project data, modeling analysis, and qualitative questionnaires.

This application consolidates the Chapter 725 questionnaire and Chapter 30 application. Applicants will respond to the Chapter 725 questionnaire and, if their project meets Chapter 30 eligibility requirements, submit information for Chapter 30 scoring. 

Each transportation project requires a separate application. Local governments may submit a maximum of 10 projects for Chapter 30 transportation project scoring each fiscal year. 

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Review the steps - read carefully

  1. Applicant Information

    Provide information about you and your organization.

  2. Documentation Screening

    Respond to screening questions to determine whether your project requires a Chapter 725 questionnaire or Chapter 30 Scoring Model application this fiscal year.

  3. Chapter 725 Questionnaire

    Provide information about your project's scope, cost, and funding. Describe how your project supports the goals and objectives of the Maryland Transportation Plan, Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan, and local land use plans.

  4. Chapter 30 Eligibility

    Answer screening questions to determine whether your project is eligible for, ineligible for, or exempt from Chapter 30 transportation project scoring. You will need a preliminary planning or feasibility study for your project, including a cost estimate and a map of the project limits. If you're submitting a transit capacity project, you will need information about the proposed transit project's alignment, stations, mode, span, frequency, travel time, ridership, and cost.

  5. Chapter 30 Application

    If your project is eligible for scoring, provide information about your project that will enable MDOT to score your project across nine goals and 23 measures.

What Happens After Submission

Read carefully

  1. March: Screen

    MDOT screens project applications for completeness and eligibility

  2. March-April: Follow-up

    For applications that require additional information or clarification, MDOT follows up with applicants by email.

  3. April: Notify

    MDOT notifies applicants about whether projects will be scored through the Chapter 30 Scoring Model

  4. April-July: Evaluate

    MDOT evaluates the costs and benefits of projects using the Chapter 30 Scoring Model

  5. August-September: Publish Draft

    MDOT publishes project scores and rank in the Draft Consolidated Transportation Plan (CTP). MDOT presents the Draft CTP to the General Assembly.

  6. September-November: Tour

    MDOT meets with each county and county-equivalent in the State of Maryland to share the Draft CTP.

  7. November-December: Finalize

    MDOT finalizes the CTP.

  8. January: Publish

    MDOT publishes the Final CTP.


Who issues the Form?

Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT)

Contact Information

Jeff Ultee


Tel: (410) 230-6614