MDOD Assistive Technology Loan Program Application Details

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MDOD Assistive Technology Loan Program Application

The Assistive Technology Loan Program helps Maryland residents with disabilities and their families qualify for low-interest loans to buy equipment that will help them live, work, and learn more independently.​

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  1. Create a OneStop Account

    When you click "Apply Online" above you will be prompted to log in or register for a OneStop account. You must register on OneStop in order to submit the application.

  2. Photo ID

    You will need to upload a photo or scan of your passport, driver's license, or state issued ID to the application in order to submit.

  3. Submission to ATLP Staff

    The ATLP (a program of the Department of Disabilities-A Maryland State Government program) will review the application The ATLP Staff will make sure that you intend to use the loan to buy assistive technology for a Maryland resident with a disability. If so, the ATLP Staff will process the application for further review.

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What Happens After Submission

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  1. MDOD Reveiw

    The MDOD staff will review your application for completeness and return it to you for corrections if required.

  2. Lender Review

    The loan application is submitted to the lender for review to see if the loan can be approved on its own merit. If the lender approves you, they will determine your interest rate and you can close the loan with the lender at the most convenient branch office (or by mail). Most loans approved on their own merit will receive a preferred/discounted interest rate because the loan application was received through the ATLP process. If the lender declines your application, the ATLP will submit your request to the ATLP Board of Directors for further evaluation and consideration for a loan guarantee.

  3. Lender Decline & Board Review

    After a bank decline, the ATLP will further process the application and send it to the ATLP Board of Directors for additional review and consideration for a loan guarantee through the ATLP. The ATLP will notify you of its decision by phone and in writing. If you qualify for a loan guarantee, ATLP staff will work with you and the lender to coordinate the AT loan. You can close the loan with the lender at the most convenient branch office.

  4. Board Appeal

    If the ATLP Board declines your loan guarantee, you have a right to appeal the ATLP Board decision. Not all loans are approved. You must have a good likelihood of repaying a loan to be approved for a loan guarantee. If you feel the decision of the Board is incorrect and you wish to make an appeal for reconsideration, you may make an appeal in writing or appropriate alternative format, and provide additional documentation that addresses the stated reasons for denial. This appeal should be forwarded to the address listed below: The ATLP Board will then consider the new information; provide you an opportunity to be heard; and inform you of the decision on the appeal. The decision of the ATLP Board will then be final.

    Appeal documentation should be sent to:

    Assistive Technology Loan Program (ATLP)

    MD Department of Disabilities

    2301 Argonne Drive, Rm T-42

    Baltimore, Md. 21218

    Or you can email your appeal to


Who issues the Form?

Maryland Assistive Technology Loan Program

Contact Information

Heather Ferguson and Sarah Calhoun


Tel: (1800) 832-4827 / Fax: (410) 554-9237

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