Animal Control Facility License Application Details

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Animal Control Facility License Application

This application is required by the Maryland Department of Agriculture for animal control facilities that administer controlled drugs to sedate, euthanize, and/or vaccinate animals against rabies (by someone other than a veterinarian).

Animal control facilities may now renew their annual license online. The Responsible Individual of record should complete the process. If that person has changed since the last renewal, please contact the Board office at 410-841-5862. New facilities may also apply for a license online as well. Note: All Animal Control Facilities must adhere to minimum standards of care, as described in Code of Maryland regulations. 

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Review the steps - read carefully

  1. Gather required documentation.

    There are two documents needed for this application. They are as follows:

      • Proof of Board approved training for all staff members conducting euthanasia.
      • CDS Registration Certificate from the Maryland Department of Health.

    Depending on your answers to certain questions on this application, more documents may be required. For complete information on required documentation, see our website.

  2. Fill out the Animal Control Facility License Application.
  3. Pay the Application Fee.

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