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Waterway and 100-Year Floodplain (Non-Tidal Wetlands and Waterway Permit)

Statewide Permit

Waterway construction regulations assure that activities in a waterway or its floodplain do not create flooding on upstream or downstream property, maintain fish habitat and migration, and protect waterways from erosion. Authorization is required for construction or repair of the following projects in a waterway or a 100-year floodplain: Dams and reservoirs, bridges and culverts, excavation, filling or construction, channelization, changing the course, current or cross-section of any stream, temporary construction (e.g. utility lines) or any other similar project. Ponds and dams require a separate review.

Valid for Up to 5 years Revised : No Date
9 months Approval time
$500 Application cost
20-30 mins Average completion time

How to get your license?

Obtaining the License

Steps, requirements and documents

Complete a "Joint Federal/State Application for the Alteration of any Floodplain, Waterway, Tidal or Non-tidal Wetland in Maryland" application.

Mail the original plus six (6) copies of the application, plans, vicinity maps, and any supporting documentation.

Upon receipt of the application package, the RSC will enter and screen the application and will forward the application to the appropriate Divisions and governmental agencies. The RSC receives applications for the Nontidal Wetlands Division, Tidal Wetlands Division, Waterway Construction Division, and the Dam Safety Division of the Maryland Department of the Environment, as well as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The Department conducts the application review in cooperation with local, State and federal agencies.

Depending on the nature of the project, it may be advertised for comment and an opportunity for a public informational hearing. The applicant may be required to notify adjacent property owners.

How do I apply?

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Permit issuer



Who issues the permit?

Maryland Department of Environment

Contact information

William Seiger

Address: 1800 Washington Boulevard, Baltimore, MD 21230

Where can I find more information?

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How do I apply?

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