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Sign Permit

Statewide Permit

Permit required to erect, alter or relocate a sign or billboard in Howard County.

This purpose of this permit is to regulate all exterior signs and interior window signs placed for exterior observance so as to protect property values, to protect the character of the various communities in the County, to protect health, safety and morals, and to promote the public welfare.

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Valid for Varies Revised : No Date
Varies Approval time
$50-$200 Application cost
15-45 mins Average completion time

How to get your license?

Obtaining the License

Steps, requirements and documents

Application must include the location of the sign structure.

Application must include name and address of the sign owner and sign erector.

Application must include drawing of sign design and dimensions.

Application shall be signed by the applicant, if the applicant is any person other than the property owner, the permit shall also be signed by the owner of the property or his authorized representative.

If building site already has signs, submit photos showing all existing signs and sign dimensions.

How do I apply?

Apply or register

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How do I maintain or renew my permit?

Maintaining Your Permit

Renewal after Varies

You may need to meet or abide by all of the following requirements
in order to maintain or renew your permit

Signs and billboards shall be inspected annually by the Department of Inspections, Licenses and Permits.

All signs and billboards and components thereof shall be kept in good repair and in safe, neat, clean and attractive condition.

Permit issuer



Who issues the permit?

Howard County - Department of Inspections, Licenses, Permits

Contact information

Cathy Anest

Address: 3430 Court House Drive, Ellicott City, MD 21043

How do I apply?

Apply or register

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