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Sales Counselor, Non-Profit (That Sells) License

Statewide License

Maryland license for a Sales Counselor (non-profit, that sells), who is an individual that sells both at-need and/or pre-need burial goods and services along with burial space to the public. This Sales Counselor must be affiliated with a non-profit cemetery operated by a registrant or permit holder.

Valid for 2 Years Revised 06/27/2015
30 Days Approval time
$100 Application cost
15-25 mins Average completion time

How to get your license?

Obtaining the License

Steps, requirements and documents

The applicant must be at least 18 years old.

The applicant must be of good character and reputation.

The applicant must be affiliated with a financially stable non-profit cemetery that sells, which is operated by a registrant or permit holder.

How do I apply?

Apply or register

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License issuer



Who issues the license?

Department of Labor, Licensing & Regulation

Contact information

Deborah RappazzoOffice of Cemetery Oversight
Tel: (410) 230-6229 / Fax: (410) 962-8480
Work hours: Mon-Fri, 8 AM to 5 PM

Address: 500 N Calvert Street, Baltimore, MD 21202


Why is this license required?

The purpose of the Office of Cemetery Oversight (OCO) is to provide high standards of performance in the death care industry, enhance healthy economic competition, promote consumer confidence in burial goods products and services and to provide structure and oversight to pre -planning arrangements. The OCO provides a responsive complaint/resolution process for consumers and operates a fair and effective regulatory enforcement system for cemeteries, monument dealers and sellers of burial goods and crematories that are subject to its regulatory authority. The primary objective for the OCO is to license and monitor sole proprietorships, individuals, partnerships, corporations and limited liability companies operating cemeteries as well as businesses providing burial goods and services to consumers, including monuments and memorials, in the State of Maryland. OCO also regulates and provides licensure for crematories, under their jurisdiction, in the state.

How do I apply?

Apply or register

Download form Download the .PDF file


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