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Certificate Of Public Convenience And Necessity (Public Service Commission)

Statewide Certification

Anyone constructing an electric generating station, including emergency back-up power, must apply for and obtaina Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN) from the Public Service Commission (PSC) for larger power generation projects or a CPCN Waiver from the Public Service Commission for smaller power generation projects which meet certain applicability thresholds established by the PSC.

In addition to the waiver, an applicant must also apply for and receive an air quality permit to construct prior to constructing or operating the generator.

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Valid for 1 year Revised : No Date
2 months Approval time
$500 Application cost
20-40 mins Average completion time

How to get your license?

Obtaining the License

Steps, requirements and documents

CPCN- Applicant must submit an application to the Public Service Commission which summarizes the proposed project and its impacts. Cases before the PSC are structured as administrative law proceedings before a Hearing Examiner with lawyers representing the various parties involved. Parties to a case include the applicant, the Power Plant Research Program of the Department of Natural Resources (acting on behalf various State agencies), the PSC staff and the Office of People’s Counsel (acting on behalf of the Maryland ratepayers). Phasing of construction, various waivers, and specific scheduling requests are generally addressed in a pre-hearing conference or at various points along the process. The PSC’s Hearing Examiner takes into consideration the license conditions recommended by the state, and the testimony and briefs filed by the applicant and all other parties, and issues a decision in the form of a proposed order on whether the CPCN should be granted and under what conditions. After a prescribed appeal period, a final order is released.

CPCN waiver- Applicant must submit an application to the Public Service Commission to obtain a waiver. These applications are available on the PSC’s website. Per the PSC’s website, the first step in obtaining a waiver is to contact the local power distribution company where the unit will installed. The local power distribution company will provide a letter to you indicating that an inter-connection, maintenance and operation agreement is not necessary for the proposed project. Alternatively, the power distribution company will provide information that will allow you to complete such an agreement. The PSC also has requirements for who is eligible to sign the waiver application. Specifically, consultants or contractors assisting an applicant cannot sign the application on behalf of the owner/operator of the proposed generating unit.

How do I apply?

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Certification issuer



Who issues the certification?

Maryland Department of Environment

Contact information

Energy and Resources and Markets Division of the PSC
Address: 1800 Washington Boulevard, Baltimore, MD 21230

Where can I find more information?

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How do I apply?

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