General Info

Unlimited Tidal Fish License (UTFL)

Statewide License

Allows the holder to commercially fish for most crabs, oysters, clams, conch, turtles, lobster, and most finfish, in addition to guiding fishing parties in the state of Maryland. 

May be used to guide fishing parties if the holder also has a United States Coast Guard Captains License. Due to limit in licenses it is not possible to say how long an individual might have to wait to receive this license. You may get on the wait list for this license at any time.

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Valid until Aug 31st Revised : No Date
Varies Approval time
$300 Application cost
10-15 mins Average completion time

How to get your license?

Obtaining the License

Steps, requirements and documents

Must be a Maryland resident.

Requires the purchase of a harvester registration surcharge and a seafood marketing surcharge.

United States Coast Guard Captains License (if using the license to guide fishing parties).

How do I apply?

Apply or register

Download form Download the .PDF file

How do I maintain or renew my license?

Maintaining Your License

Renewal on Aug 31st

You may need to meet or abide by all of the following requirements
in order to maintain or renew your license

Must renew every year. Regular renewal period is August 1 - August 31.

License issuer



Who issues the license?

Department of Natural Resources

Contact information

Address: 580 Taylor Ave, Annapolis, MD 21401


Why is this license required?

Comprehensive commercial fishing license to allow commercial harvest of most species in Maryland's tidal waters.

Where can I find more information?

Resources and Links

Visit the following websites for additional information

How do I apply?

Apply or register

Download form Download the .PDF file


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