Department of Natural Resources licenses

94 Licenses

Out of State Fish Suppliers

Distributed by Department of Natural Resources

The purpose of this Maryland registration is to define approved fish species, and requires a recent (less than 6 month old) health certificate for all species requested to assure key fish diseases are not introduced inadvertently.

Valid until Dec 31st Last revised 11/26/2017
Varies Approval time
$0 Application cost
30-60 mins Average completion time

Open Air Burning Permit

Distributed by Department of Natural Resources

A permit is required for open air burning for fire activities in woodlands, within 200 feet of woodlands, or activities adjacent to or within an area where flammable materials that could ignite and carry fire to woodland are located.  To obtain a Maryland Forest Service Open Air Burning permit, contact your local Forest Service Office.

Valid for 30 days or less Last revised : No Date
10 days Approval time
$0 Application cost
10-30 mins Average completion time

Offshore Blind and Shoreline Licensing for Riparian Landowners

Distributed by Department of Natural Resources

A permit for any person owning riparian property in Maryland to license their shoreline and, if desired, to establish an offshore duck blind.

Valid for 1-3 years Last revised : No Date
1-2 months Approval time
$20-$60 Application cost
30-45 mins Average completion time

Off-Road Vehicle Use Permit - St. Johns Rock ORV Trail and Campground

Distributed by Department of Natural Resources

Maryland permit for the St. Johns Rock Off-Road Vehicle Trail and Campground.

Valid for 1 day Last revised 07/19/2017
1-2 min Approval time
$9-$50 Application cost
5-10 mins Average completion time

Northern Snakehead Bowfishing License

Distributed by Department of Natural Resources

License issued by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources which authorizes the holder to catch, for sale, Northern snakeheads in the tidal waters of the state using a bow and arrow attached to a retrieval line.

Valid until Aug 31st Last revised : No Date
1 Day Approval time
$15 Application cost
10-15 mins Average completion time


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